How do I get started with Talent Corps?
It’s easy. The process starts here on the website. Click to search jobs and begin the application process.
What is WebCenter?
WebCenter is an employee portal that gives our Constrution Talent employees access to things like pay stubs, W2s, and assignment information. It’s also where you’ll enter your time.  As part of your hiring process, you’ll receive login information. Once in WebCenter, you’ll find easy to use guides for all the features it offers.
What if I don’t like my assignment, or if it’s not the right fit for me?
Not a problem. We want you to be happy with each assignment but occasionally it doesn’t work out. Just let us know and we will reassign you in a different position. No hard feelings!
What types of positions are available?
We offer a range of jobs in the trades and healthcare. Our Construction Talent division specializes in electricians, mechanical trades, industrial, and commercial jobs. We also have a professional recruiting team. Our Medical Talent team focuses on traveling and per diem roles for RNs, CNAs, LPNs, allied health roles, and OT, PT and ST therapies. Most jobs are in hospitals or rehabilitation facilities.
Is there a cost for working with Talent Corps?
You’ll never pay a fee for our efforts to find you work and keep you working.
I’m having some difficulty applying for a job online. Can someone help me?
No problem! Call us a 972-468-9111 and will connect with you a recruiter.
How long do assignments last?
The length of each assignment varies. Some short-term assignments are a week or two long; other roles may last for months. We will find assignments that meet your schedule, and we will tell you the expected duration of the job in advance.
What do I do when I finish an assignment?
We’re a step ahead of you! When your assignment is nearing an end, we aim to have your next role set up for you so you can keep working, job to job. But, if you want a break of a few days, weeks or even months, just let us know.
How and when am I paid?
You’ll be paid weekly via direct deposit or paycard.
Do you have a general mailbox for resumes, or do I have to apply for a specific job?
Yes. You can submit your resume to us at 
I am relocating soon. Can I apply for a job in my new location?
Yes! Let’s get started now. Contact us at and our recruiters will help you find a great position in your new location.
Can I call someone to direct me to the nearest Talent Corps branch office location?
You can check out our branch locations here. Please call ahead; due to COVID-19, our branch hours may vary and an appointment may be required.
What if I need PPE for a job I have accepted?
Depending on the job, required PPE will be provided for you (like safety harnesses or N95 masks) or you may need to bring your own (like hard hats). You’ll know the requirements and expectations before the job starts.
Do you have a minimum age requirement to work?
You must be 18 years or better to work for Talent Corps.
I have a criminal record. Will Talent Corps hire me?
Yes. We believe in providing second chances to people who are ready to work.
Does the Talent Corps hire Permanent Residents and/or individuals with valid work permits?
You must be legally eligible to work in the United States in order to work for Talent Corps.

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