Industrial Staffing Agency

The construction craftsmen who work on industrial projects are a unique breed…

…and we say that with tremendous respect for their skill and expertise.

New construction of industrial plants, manufacturing facilities, power plants, refineries or pipelines requires highly specialized skills. These projects are large scale, highly complex and can take years to complete.

More often, industrial projects are shutdown/turn arounds, retrofits, or expansions. Still complex, this work is shorter term, often completed on an annual schedule, and typically more predictable in scope than de novo jobs.

Does staffing work for industrial projects? You bet it does. The American Staffing Association reports that 73% of jobs filled by their members are full time. Our talent knows that and choose to work for us because they know that we’ll keep them busy full-time on exciting, interesting industrial projects…and help them move onto the next big job when the time comes.

We also maintain an extensive database of top-tier travelers, nomads who move from site to site following seasonal shut-down work. Getting these people to your project is what we do best.

Need industrial staffing and recruiting services, fast? Count on Construction Talent’s industrial team and craftsmen to get ‘er done on your next new project or shutdown.

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Industrial Jobs

Our construction employment agency puts the following experts to work:














Scaffold builders



If you’re ready to partner with our industrial recruiters to find your next opportunity, view available positions below and apply for work.

Looking For Industrial Staff?

Our industrial staffing and recruiting services don’t just let you fill open job orders. We take the time to match the right individual with your project depending on your specific desires and requirements. That means you get more than a warm body; you get an invaluable team member. Whether you need electricians, welders, pipefitters, boilermakers, or anything in between, Talent Corps is here to help.