Myth: Anyone worth hiring is already working.
Truth: A lot of the best people are working for Talent Corps. There are plenty more talented, motivated people who are passively looking for jobs, eager for a change, or interested in traveling jobs. Our top-notch recruiters are expert at finding these men and women, bringing them onto our team, and deploying them to your business.
Myth: All the most experienced people are retiring, and the young people coming up don’t have what we need.
Truth: Yes, thousands of Baby Boomers retire every day, but many more continue working because they want to or need to financially. They may yearn for a job with flexible hours, variety, or one that is temporary. Younger workers are looking to grow, learn, develop, and travel. We can help at both ends of the career arc. We employ people of all ages and skill levels. Our assignments are short and long term; we also hire for professional placement and permanent roles and traveling jobs in healthcare and construction.
Myth: Staffing companies are all the same: they only employ the unemployable, bottom of the barrel workers, unreliable people.
Truth: We’ve heard that one before. The fact is, we aren’t a traditional staffing company; we are a workforce company that offers staffing as one solution to a company’s employment problems. We also offer approaches you haven’t seen before, tailored to your business, goals and financial situation. We only hire men and women who pass our stringent hiring guidelines, skill tests and assessments, and prove they have the drive to do the job.
Myth: No one company can be great at construction and healthcare – they’re too different.
Truth: One company can be specialized in multiple industries. For us, it’s construction and medical. Each division is led by a highly experienced executive and support team who know their business. At the root of our work with both construction and healthcare is recruiting, associate management, customer relations and compliance. Our expertise in these areas creates synergy across our divisions.

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