Building the Talent Corps


Jared DeRuby started Talent Corporation with one person, one desk, one phone, one computer. His vision was to create a company for the people, about the people; a place where every customer got a customized solution and every associate maximized their career opportunity.


In year 2, the company added an office in Tampa and gained several large national accounts. Senior leaders were added to run sales, recruiting and finance, and an advisory board was created to support Jared’s vision. By year end, the company had a staff of 15 and tripled its revenue.


Growth continued in year 3 with a new office in Washington, DC and base of clients that generated predictable business. A high point was staffing a big job in Antarctica. Talent Corporation closed the year with 27 employees and year-over-year revenue growth 65%.


The company extended its service offering beyond electrical and construction talent and into the traveling nurses arena with Medical Talent. A vice president of operations joined the team and a formal marketing strategy was implemented. The brand evolved to Talent Corps and is on the way to its biggest year yet.