We’re often asked, what’s it like to work with Talent Corps?


We help our customers get work done. On time, on budget, and with the quality workforce you demand. Your Talent Corps reps listen before offering solutions, so you get workforce options that fit, that work and that support your growth.


Our company isn’t loaded with layers of bureaucracy. It is run by people who are experts in the professions and jobs we fill for you. We work strategically to support your company – fast when necessary, thoughtful and attentive always. We can pivot quickly.


One of the biggest challenges facing American businesses today is the hunt for talent. It’s tough to find the right people with the right skills, when and where you need them. We get creative to recruit the talent you need to get work done.

Talent Assurance Program (TAP)

It’s easy to talk about the quality of our recruiting team and workforce. It’s another thing to deliver that quality. Consistently.

That’s where the Talent Assurance Program, or TAP, comes in. It’s our own 4-step process completed with every customer on every project, and with each associate we deploy to your business.

TAP ensures three things:

  1. Our people and processes will meet your requirements.
  2. The Talent Corps team will meet or exceed your expectations
  3. Our employees will be committed to their assignment and to you.

We hold ourselves accountable for TAP and measure our success by adherence to these standards.